Stressed, worried, or low?

Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes Prevention in Buckinghamshire!

Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education in Buckinghamshire!

Bexley Carers

There are over 600 registered carers in Bexley who spend much of their time looking after the needs of a relation or friend. It is essential that carers pay attention to their own health and well-being and regular exercise can play an important part in this process.

Memory Issues

Making small changes to your lifestyle including being more active can help delay the onset and progression of dementia and other memory issues as well as improve the quality of your life.

Reducing your risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes accounts for around 10% of the annual NHS budget and one in three people nationally are now at high risk of developing diabetes. One key risk factor is physical inactivity, yet nearly half of Bexley’s adult population are inactive.

Long Term
Conditions Support

  We now offer Long term Conditions Support to the whole of Buckinghamshire!

Get Healthy Coaches are here to help

Our Get Healthy Coaches are people just like you. They are qualified to help you make small changes to your lifestyle that will deliver big results. Making changes on your own is hard so use our Get Healthy Coaches to Get Healthy today.

Get Healthy, get active

The thought of getting fit might seem daunting, but the payoff is well worth it. Increase the amount of exercise you do and get yourself onto the path that leads to the fitter healthier you.

Get Healthy, one bite at a time

Healthy eating is not about depriving yourself of the foods you love. The key for any healthy diet is balance and moderation. Ultimately, healthy eating is all about feeling great and having more energy!

Eat wise, drop a size

The "all-you-can-eat" culture means keeping a healthy weight can be tough, and losing weight even tougher. If you've tried and failed before, do not despair, there's always a better way and it's easier than you think!

Kick the habit, cut it out

Usually, no one wants to think of themselves as a "quitter". But when it comes to smoking, quitting is the single best thing you could ever do. With the right support you could set yourself up for a ‘smoke-free' future sooner than you think!

Lose the booze!

Sometimes there is nothing better to help us unwind than a nice glass of something. The problem is that over the week, it can start to add up. Our Get Healthy Coaches can help you enjoy a drink without consuming too much!

Stressed, worried, or low?  Are you feeling stressed, worried or low? Buckinghamshire Healthy Minds is your local NHS service for anyone experiencing such feelings.

Stressed, worried, or low?

At risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Education and Support

Bexley Carers

Bexley - Memory Issues

Bexley Type 2 Diabetes Risk Reduction

Long Term Conditions Support Buckinghamshire

Get Healthy Coaches

Increase Exercise

Healthy Eating

Weight Management

Smoking Cessation

Alcohol Reduction

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