Diabetes Week 2016

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15 Jun 2016

Diabetes Week 2016

Sunday 12 June to Saturday 18 June 2016

Just about everyone has heard about diabetes. And, with 3.5 million people diagnosed in the UK and a further 549,000 who have the condition but don't yet know it, most of us know a friend or family member living with diabetes. And yet it’s still hugely misunderstood, and there are so many myths and misconceptions out there that this year, the theme is Setting the record straight. 

This Diabetes Week we are calling on everyone we know to share straight talking stories, facts and videos to let everyone know the truth about diabetes. 

We’re focusing on what it’s actually like to live with it every day and talking about the things people with diabetes wish everyone knew about living with the condition. 

What's happening this week?

We've got loads going on throughout Diabetes Week, and plenty of ways for you to get involved.

  • If you haven't already, why not download our pack of awareness raising posters and fun diabetes fortune teller (PDF, 53KB) to share with your local community to get the message out there to as many people as possible.

  • We've created loads of graphics, videos and images to help you raise awareness. Keep your eye out as we'll be uploading more as the week goes on, but to start with you can update your Facebook (JPG, 795KB) and Twitter (JPG, 319KB) with our Diabetes Week themed headers.

  • We want to hear about your stories and experiences, so join in the conversation #actuallydiabetes #diabetesweek.

  • If you're a member of a Diabetes UK local group, you can find more materials on the Portal.

  • Find out about some of the myths that healthcare professionals would like to bust about diabetes care over on our Diabetes Week for professionals page.

Join the conversation

Help us spread the word this diabetes week by joining in the conversation with us online. We'll be uploading new things for you to share each day, so keep checking back to see what's new.


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