Lose the Booze

We understand that after a busy day, sometimes there is nothing better to help us unwind than a nice glass of something from a bottle. The problem is that over the week, it can start to add up. However, there is some good news - there is no need to stop drinking alcohol altogether. It’s a case of understanding how many units you are drinking so that you can enjoy yourself when you are socialising with friends and family. Our Get Healthy Coaches can help you enjoy a drink without consuming too much and if you would benefit from a bit of extra help, we work alongside a specialist support organisation who can offer further advice.

Small Changes, Big Results

At Get Healthy we understand that to cut down on alcohol successfully you need easy-to-adopt steps that can be put into practice no matter where you are. You can still have a drink if you want – just aim to have less, gradually, and try to stick within the guidelines. Cutting down on alcohol doesn’t have to be hard. At Get Healthy we can support you to understand how much you drink, what triggers you to drink and provide simple tips and ideas for ways to cut back. Our simple online tool can help you reach your goals and maintain your lifestyle changes. Sign up today.

How we can help

Our specialist Get Healthy Coach’s will work with you on a one-to-one basis, setting specific goals that are unique to you and your lifestyle. You will be able to work with them over 6 appointments, held in one of our community venues; you get to chose when, where and what time. Your Get Healthy Coach will provide you with simple and understandable advice to make small changes that deliver big results. There are loads of benefits to cutting back on the booze. The most important one is the reduced risk to your health, but there are lots of others too – you might be surprised!

Drinking Habits

How many times have you filled your partner’s wine glass without asking? Or maybe they regularly have a large glass of red or a beer waiting for you when you get home from work? These might be meant as nice gestures, but you could be encouraging each other to drink more than you would really like.

Working together, you can cut back on your alcohol intake. If you are going to cut-back try and get your partner onboard as you will be able to support and encourage each other.

When do you decide to drink?

Alcohol and Calories

Alcohol is made by fermenting and distilling natural starch and sugar; this means that it can contain a lot of calories. In most cases the stronger the alcohol, the more calories it contains. Did you know...

  • A pint of ale or stout with 5% ABV can contain over 250 calories, the same calories as a whole bagel.
  • A large glass of wine (250ml) can add 228 calories to your evening supper. This is similar to a Cornetto ice cream or two fish fingers.
  • A bottle of alcopop can contain up to 220 calories, similar to a hot chocolate with whipped cream and 3 spoons of sugar.
  • A pint or large bottle of cider can contain 210 calories – drink two bottles or pints and you’ve consumed the same amount of calories as a medium beef and onion pie.
  • Health effects of alcohol

Health Benefits of Cutting Back

Pretty much immediately you will notice that you start to feel better in the mornings, have more energy and feel less tired during the day; your skin may also start to look better.

On top of this, too much booze can really pile on the pounds. If you drink 10 pints a week, you could be taking on more than 120,000 calories a year - around 190 hours of jogging. So if you cut back you'll start to feel in better shape

As regular drinking can affect your immune system, heavy drinkers can have more problems with infectious diseases. So if you cut down, your system will be able to fight off bugs more easily which can contribute to better general health.

Simple Drink Swaps

If you tend to have a drink at a certain time of day, break the habit by doing something different at that time. If you drink every day, try to have at least two days a week when you don’t drink at all.

Try pacing and spacing? Pace yourself by sipping slowly and enjoy the taste. And space your drinks out - have a soft drink or glass of water in between.

Have a smaller bottle of beer instead of a can. Or a single instead of a double.

Swap your usual for a drink with less alcohol. There are more drinks with less alcohol available these days and some of them are cheaper too.

Alcohol Drink Swaps

...And when you're out

Change of scene - try meeting somewhere that doesn’t serve alcohol. Try a café or coffee shop, or somewhere without an alcohol licence instead.

Make a plan - set yourself a limit on how much you’re going to drink, including any drinks you have at home before you go out. Try to stick within the lower risk guidelines.

Budget - take out a fixed amount of money to spend on alcohol. By cutting back you could save some cash - use our drinks checker to see how much.

Take your time – go out later. Break with tradition and opt out of rounds.

Don’t feel pressured to keep up with others – aim to be the slowest drinker!

Have a good excuse ready when you’re offered a drink you’d rather miss. The quicker you can make it, the less likely you are to be persuaded.

Sit it out – we drink more slowly when sitting down than when standing. Find a table and put your glass down.

Enjoy yourself! Do something else while you’re out, like dancing, playing pool or darts – it’s much more fun!

Tips for cutting down when out

Treat yourself

There can also be other benefits – if you cut down you’ll find you have more cash in your pocket. Keep an eye on the pennies by setting yourself a budget when you go out, or when you're buying booze in the supermarket - and stick to it! Having a couple of days in the week when you don’t drink will also mean you spend less.

If you cut out a couple of large glasses of wine a week; that could be more than £500 a year you’ve got to spend on other things. Why not save up and treat yourself? You could get a manicure with a friend, see some sport with your mates, or even treat the family to a meal out.

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