Eat Wise, Drop a Size

The "all-you-can-eat" culture means keeping a healthy weight can be tough, and losing weight even tougher. If you've tried and failed before, do not despair, there's always a better way! You can lose weight without feeling hungry. Here at Get Healthy, we know it isn't easy when there are so many temptations around you. By making smart choices every day, we can help you on that journey - and it's easier than you think!

Lose the weight, feel great!

At Get Healthy, we realise that it can be a challenge to maintain a healthy weight. All too often, we make weight loss much more difficult than it needs to be. Extreme diets can leave us cranky and starving, and comfort eating can stop us before we get started. Our Get Healthy coaches can support you to develop new eating habits that will leave you feeling satisfied. We can help you to understand how to manage your weight, whether you want to lose some pounds or even gain some. Research shows that reaching and sticking to a healthy weight can help to manage or prevent conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Our simple online tools can help you to reach your goals and maintain your lifestyle changes. If you need more support you may also qualify for an additional free weight loss programme. Click Get Healthy now to Get Healthy today!

How we can help

Our Get Healthy Coaches will work with you on a one-to-one basis, setting specific goals that are unique to you and your lifestyle. You will be able to work with them over six appointments held in our many community venues; you get to choose when, where and what time. Your Get Healthy Coach will provide you with simple and understandable advice to make small changes that deliver big results. Not only will losing weight improve your health, meeting your weight loss goals will mean you will feel great and get more out of life!

Am I a Healthy Weight?

Everyone can benefit from eating well and maintaining a healthy weight, but how do we know what a healthy weightis? We use a measurement called Body Mass Index (BMI) to work out which of the four categories we fit into. To work out your BMI, take a look on the following BMI chart.

Apple or Pear?

After checking your BMI it is also important to take a note of your waist size. Your shape, as much as your weight, can affect your health. The worst place to carry fat is around your stomach as carrying fat here can increase your risk of heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes. You can work out your element of risk by simply measuring your waist. This is something your Get Healthy Coach can help you to monitor!

Principles of Success

Weight gain or weight loss should be done gradually. Research has shown that this is the safest way and that the weight is much more likely to maintain itself. You should aim for 1-2 pounds (0.5-1kg) per week. To make it easier for you to succeed in managing your weight, there are three key areas we will help you focus on:

  • Getting a healthy balance of food
  • Cutting down on portion sizes
  • Keeping to a regular eating pattern

Know Your Portions

There is absolutely no need for you to skip meals as this will not help you to manage your weight. You may already think you are eating very healthily, so it may be that your portion sizes are too large. One heaped tablespoon of dried fruit = 1 portion
One slice of bread = 1 portion
Two egg sized potatoes = 1 portion
Small Matchbox Size = 1 portion of cheese
3 Fishfingers = 1 portion
2 Eggs = 1 portion
45g Chocolate bar = 1 portion

Stay on Track

  • Think positive
  • Overcome obstacles with forward planning - think how you will deal with challenging situations before they arise. Can you check a menu before you go out to eat to find a healthy option?
  • Identify Changes - Look over your goals and remind yourself what you need to do to achieve them. Do you need to clear out your cupboards or look up some recipes?
  • Don't let one slip ruin your hard work - a lapse is not a collapse. Learn from what went wrong and get back on track as soon as possible.
  • Make sure you plan something (healthy) to reward yourself with when you reach your goals - something which will keep you motivated if things get tough.

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